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Fairy Arts Festival Antwerp

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This year the Fair Arts Festival takes place at Koningsteen (Mechelen, Belgium) in collaboration with the Body & Soul Festival.

9 & 10th of July 2016

The Fairy Arts Festival is a colorful event for all ages. During this festival you will be completely overwhelmed by fairies, many different elements, creatures of nature, dragons, druids, … You can discover all kind of fairy arts: dancing, singing, painting, puppets, acrobatics, creative expression. Central theme in our festival is the childwise education for parents, educators, teachers and children of course! You can also discover the fairy arts market and the fairy school.

Body & Soul is a magical family festival where you can be surprised in more than 60 experience based mini workshops about health, wellbeing and the art of life. Enjoy dance and musical performances, energy work including yoga and sound healing, demos on holistic health and a world bazaar of fun and interesting goods and services. Kids can enjoy a Happy Kids program, make camps in nature or the try the barefeet path.


Schedule Fairy Arts MarketFairy Arts Market

Fairy Arts Festival

Opening hours

  • Saterday: 10 am till 10 pm
  • Sunday: 10 am till 6 pm

The fairy arts market is at saterday open till 7pm. In the evening we gather for performances


  • Fairy Arts Market with artists who expose their fairy art: painters, illustrators, puppet makers, artists with jewelry, clothing and various fairy shops.
  • Performances: dance, music and acrobatics by fairy artists around the castle. 
    On Saturday there will be a fire show by fairy acrobats.
  • Workshops about various fairy arts
  • Extended program for children, parents, educators and teachers
  • Fairy Fashion show: everyone can participate!

The Fairy Arts Festival is a colorful event for all ages. During this festival you will be completely overwhelmed by fairies, many different elements, creatures of nature, dragons, druids, …

The idea: Fairies love music, dance, art, dreaming, nature, bubbles, flowers, playing, having fun, … Qualities that are spontaneously present in children but which we all have lost during our way. That is why we organize a Fairy Festival for all ages ! This concept was formed in our fairy theatre and fairy school projects.

Come and make acquaintance with our ´dream tree´. On this dream tree, you can find a lot of dream bags with each of them a specific fairy dream. You can also win a fistful of fairy prices …
Fairy wisdom: native people believe that everything starts with a dream. At first you have a dream and if you draw your dream on paper, then your dream starts to be real. That is why we have the fairy dream tree. Every visitor can pick a dream from a dream bag during our festival. This dream will have a specific meaning for you during the festival.

We also invite you to dress yourself up as a fairy, troll, creature of nature, dragon, wizard, … You can also participate in our unique fairy fashion show because many fairies are to be found here in many diverse forms and sizes.

We have some international guests on our program.

Our activities :

  • A Fairy Art Market with lots of artists and exhibitors from inland and abroad.
  • Creative workshops – such as intuitive painting, create fairy sculptures, … -
  • Fairy workshops – making acquaintance with your ´inner´ nature creatures, deva´s, angels, elfs and dragon, dream sound concert, …
  • Dance workshops
  • Dance music performances with fairy dances performed by fairies of the fairy Theatre, fire shows by fire fairies, air show with a dancing fairy in the trees and exotic veil dances, tribal belly dances, live harp music, fairy ballet …. with an evening concert
  • Fairy fashion show with a new collection of fairy clothes.
  • A fairy fashion show and free podium in which everyone can participate … fairies in all shapes and forms …
  • Extended children program with plenty of workshops, aqua bubbles, doll theatre …



Fairies and the Elements of nature

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